Monday, August 10, 2009

My Growing Babies~ 6 months old



My boys are growing up so fast. Everything seems to be happening all at once but I am loving it! They are so strong and healthy and it makes me so thankful. At the beginning of the month we started solid foods. They have had applesauce and carrots so far, both alone and mixed with rice cereal. Dalton will eat anything you put on a spoon. He is actually kind of hard to feed because he leans into the spoon which messes me up when I am aiming for his mouth. This really is funny to watch. Daniel, on the other hand can be difficult at times. He will close his lips together real tight and just look at you with a grin. And then I have to pry his lips open with the spoon. I think he thinks it's funny. And then other times he can't get enough!

We went on vacation to see our families in Alabama. It was such a wonderful vacation and the boys meet alot of their extended families. They traveled well and enjoyed all of the attention that they got. While we were there they both attempted to start crawling. Dalton started off by doing military style push ups, and then he would tuck his legs under. Sometimes he falls on his face, and other times he scoots forwards, or backwards. He hasn't quite figured out that he has to move his arms. I know he will get it in no time though. Daniel is pushing up and tucking his legs but he doesn't extend his arms all the way. It's funny to see them trying to figure it all out and the different ways that they go about it. Daniel also LOVES to jump in the jumparoo. He is an animal in that thing!

Last Friday I noticed that Dalton's first tooth came in. It is the bottom, front, left tooth. They have been teething for sure, but it has not been horrible. I was surprised that none of Daniels teeth had come in as well. I guess I was looking in the wrong place because at the Pediatrician's office this morning, much to my surprise I saw that his top, front, right tooth had come in! I am assuming this happened over the weekend. They are going to be so cute with toothy little grins! :)

Both boys seem to have a bit of stranger anxiety, or separation anxiety. Daniel will cry sometimes if I hand him off to someone else. Dalton will cry mostly if I walk out of a room. This is so exhausting and makes me feel bad because I would love to be able to hold them when they are like this, but I can not physically hold them at the same time for long periods. And of course they don't like it if I sit down. And Dalton has the most piercing scream! Sometimes he screams just to hear himself, sometimes he does it when he is happy and sometimes he does it because he is mad. Blake told him, "IF you don't stop that screaming someone is going to put a dress on you!" One thing that can make him happy without fail is Loli, our dog. He is so fascinated by her. And if he is crying I can take him to her and he will stop instantly.

Daniel is so funny and blowing bubbles all the time. He started off by blowing raspberries on his arm. Then out of nowhere he started to blow bubbles, well usually it's just blowing spit everywhere. The things they do amaze me! He is also so thoughtful. He can sit and just stare out the window and be completely content. It's fun to imagine what their personalities mean and how they will develop over the years.

Today was their 6 month well baby visit and it went great. They had to get more shots but it didn't phase them at all. They are completely healthy. Daniel weighs 15 lb. 15 oz and is 26.25" long. Dalton weighs 15 lb. 9 oz and is 26.5" long. They are in the lower percentile for weight but the Dr. says he assumes it is because they are so active, tall and slim. They have gained at a normal rate and are eating well.

We are all very happy and can not believe how fast these first 6 months have flown by. The best 6 months of our life!!!!!


Grandmother Rutland meets the boys

With their cousins and Bubbles and Poppy

Our beautiful Family!

Bush Family

My nephews, Alex & Landon were so excited to each have their own baby

Grandmother & Granddaddy with the newest of their 20 great grandchildren

Daniel & Dalton meeting Nanny for the first time


  1. Aww! That all sounds so great. I love to read your stuff so I know what I have to look forward to. I was sitting with Haley today wiping her drool away and thinking of you. I have no idea how you do this with two boys. It's hard enough with one girl. I can't walk away from her for more than a minute. It must be so hard having two. Not to mention all of the feeding, bathing, and diaper changing. You are my hero. Your boys are adorable!

  2. Enjoyed all your pictures! It's so neat to hear how different they are! They are getting so big!