Friday, July 10, 2009

Who Do They Look Like?

So, Blake and I have been asked by just about everyone, "Who do they look like?" They, being the twins of course. We always say that we don't know. They look like little bald babies so it is hard to say. And then everyone likes to say that they both look just like their Daddy. How can I have two babies that I carried for 9 months and neither of them look like me? :( That just isn't fair now is it?!

Last night I got out the photo album with some of our baby pictures in it to see if we could get a better idea of who they look like and to desperatly find some similarites between me and the kids. We both came to the conclusion that Daniel, is all Blake! 100% his Daddy. Which is kind of funny because he use to remind me of my brother a bit. I guess I was wrong. And then there is Dalton. I think he is a good mixture of both of us, but I can definitly see that we have some of the same facial features. I think it's the eyes. So HA! Take a look and tell me what you think!!!!

Daniel, almost 5 months old

Blake, I don't know how old he was here

Dalton, 5 months old

Reagan, 1 year old


  1. How cute! All of you! I think you're right. Daniel - Blake. Dalton - Reagan.