Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slideshow from our photo session

I am sure you all remember me talking about the newborn photo session that we did the week after the boys were born. Well, last night I finally got the slideshow that the photographer puts together for all of her clients. It is just so precious and brings me to tears watching it. The boys have changed so much in 4 short weeks. I am glad that we have these amazing pictures to remember just how tiny they were. (Although I think that they are going to hate me for them when they get older!) I will have pictures to embarrass them with in front of future girlfriends! ;) Anyway, the photographer did a fantastic job, so check it out! Enjoy!

username: Rutland
password: rr021009

p.s. make sure your speakers are turned on!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our boys are a month old!


On Monday the boys were 4 weeks old. My how time flies. I have made the comment on several occasions that if feels like Groundhogs Day....everyday is the same. I am a bit worn out, but I am loving being a Mommy! I know it sounds cheesy, but the other day I was thinking that I could not believe that God gave us two little angels to take care of. It's the best feeling in the world!

My days are spent feeding them and changing them, and every now and then doing laundry or playing on the computer. The first few weeks were easy because they slept ALL the time. Now things seem to be changing. They are becoming much more fussy and hard to calm down. I am sure it is just their age, and a phase that they go through. It takes me about an hour to get them both fed. I feed one, put him down (thinking he is sleeping and content) pick up the other one and start feeding and then the first one starts screaming it's head off. Then I just have to sit and listen to it. I have never had so many headaches in my life! They are eating every 3 hours. At night we give them a bottle and put them in their cribs. They usually wake up 3 hours later. I am getting some sleep, although interrupted. I don't mind waking up to feed them if they will go right back to sleep, and usually they do. The mornings are the best time. I feed them around 6 and go back to bed afterwards and they usually sleep until 10. So I soak up as much sleep as I can. Then we wake up and watch Ellen. It's a great way to start the day :)

Last week my sister-in-law Paige came to visit. She was such a HUGE help. She cooked and cleaned, and helped with the boys. She also kept me sain by getting me out of the house and keeping me company. We even went for a 5 mile walk one day with the boys. That is the only exercise I have had since the surgery and it felt great! We took the boys to the mall that I work at to meet my coworkers as well and to dinner at a friends house. It was wonderful to have the extra set of hands! The boys are so lucky to have an aunt like Paige! We love you!

We weighed the boys last weekend and if our scale is right, they are both over 8 lbs. now. They really are growing so fast. It's amazing. They open their eyes so much wider now and you can tell that they are really focusing. They are just wonderful! Needless to say, we are so in love!!!!


I don't have as many pictures of Daniel as I do of Dalton because I always feed Daniel first and then put him down so that I can feed Dalton. Once I have a free hand to use the camera, my little man is already off to dream land. I guess that is one of the hard parts about having twins, you feel like you don't get to spend an equal amount of time with them both.
These pictures are precious though. The first image Aunt Paige captured and I just love it! And Daddy was playing around in the second picture. He looks pretty cool huh?!


This little love bug makes the funniest faces! I am constantly laughing at him. And that smile, even though he doesn't quite know what he is doing, just melts my heart!