Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Months

I have not posted in quite a long time. The boys are doing wonderfully and are really a hand full. (I just had to stop typing because one was crawling underneath the computer chair.)Their personalities are changing. I originally thought that Dalton was the more aggressive and talkative child, while Daniel was my sweet baby. Daniel is still sweet as pie, but he is really aggressive and talks all the time now. And he gets really loud. The other day they were playing on the floor and Daniel was talking to Dalton and he was so loud that Dalton started crying. He just has these bursts of excitement and he screams. And usually if Dalton is playing with something he will go over and take it away, or just check it out to see if it is something he wants. I love watching them interact. Daniel has also gotten really attached to me. Sometimes he latches on and tries to climb me. Dalton, is always smiling and generally happy.

They both have 6 teeth now. It really amazed me how fast they came in. And the whole teething process has not been so bad. We had to lower their cribs this weekend since they are so mobile now. They still are not really crawling, but they can army crawl around the house like no bodies business. Daniel is sitting up, but he falls and bumps his head on our wood floors an awful lot, and I feel so bad. But they are boys so I better get use to it. They are still on a great napping schedule and sleeping through the night. They love solids now, even peas. And bath time is so much better now that they enjoy splashing around. They are just the sweetest little things and each day I think about how madly in love with them I am.

Here are some recent pictures. I got a new camera for my birthday which is amazing. I am loving using it. These boys will definitely know what a camera is!


  1. That all sounds so great. I can't even imagine why you can't post often ;). You have your hands so full. I love your pics. I know you love your new camera and it can only get better once you get to take the class. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Those last two pictures are Beyond adorable!!! They need to be framed for sure! Your boys are precious -