Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Months Old

My boys are 5 months old. This is definitly the most fun we have had with them so far! So many changes and exciting things have happened in such a short time. They are both still doing wonderful. They are completely sleeping through the night, rolling all around during the day too. We are able to get them out a little bit more. And a babysitter found us.....she lives on our street and really wants to keep the boys. So I am letting her watch them for a few hours on Mondays which is going to be a huge help for me. It will also give Blake and I more time together on the weekends which I am really looking forward to. Here are their 5 month pictures!

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  1. Like your new look with your little "monkeys". Paige calls me a silly monkey! ha! looks like you're having a blast with your little ones and that good looking husband! ha! They sure are growing up fast, aren't they? I'm getting back into the blogging world. I've missed it for two reasons: my mother passed away June 11 and I'm on FB way too much *insert giggle here* but I do love the blogging and plan to try to get something creative back on all 3 blogs soon. I'm still cleaning, sorting, etc. at my mother's house to get it ready for sale and that's quite a job! I miss her so much. She's the reason I've got this creative "itch". She was wonderful at all kinds of creative endeavors. Love seeing your updates here! Love.