Friday, January 23, 2009

36 weeks pregnant with 10 more days to go!!!!

Today I went back to the doctor. My last few appointments have been pretty uneventful. Which now that I think about it is a positive thing. Daniel is so low that the Dr. is surprised he hasn't just fallen out. And Dalton is constantly kicking me in the ribs. So I literally have babies everywhere! She was not able to get good measurements today but both boys are 6 lbs. or more at this point. They are both in position and the Dr. said that I could have them vaginally but since we already scheduled the c-section we are going to stick to that date. I have mixed emotions about this. The thought of never experiencing labor makes me a little sad. I feel like it is a part of being a woman that I am going to miss out on. On the other hand, I am a planner and I feel like I have some control over what is going on and I know the boys won't be under any stress. I just want to do what is best for them.
Since I have been off work I have done a few craft projects and now I am a little bored. It is nice to have the time to be bored but I am not use to sitting around and doing nothing. I am getting really uncomfortable but I think that having more time to sit and dwell on it makes it worse. Today my braxton hicks are pretty frequent as well.
I am counting down the days at this point. My last Dr.'s appointment is next Wednesday. My mother will be flying down that Saturday the 31st. Sunday I have my pre-op at the hospital and then we will head to labor and delivery bright and early on Monday the 2nd.


  1. How exciting! We'll be coming home from our cruise the day you deliver! We are leaving from New Orleans and going to Cozumel and back. Our first real childless vacation! I know we all think about being in labor as "real childbirth" but I think you will like the c-section. You know when everything is happening, there is so much less uncertainty. If I knew I was having twins I would probably rather have a c-section. I can't believe they are 6 lbs. each! That's great! They are going to be so healthy! Well good luck, I know everything will be fine, and I can't wait to see pictures! I will try to get your gift in the mail in the next few weeks!

  2. A little something I hope will give you a chuckle: I had a friend who called her husband and told him (seriously), "I think I might be having those briggs and straton contractions!" ha! Every time I hear braxton hicks, I think of her! I agree with Emily. It's great that they weigh 6 lbs. and they're SO healthy. I'd go with the C section and never look back. You sure are a little girl to be carrying around 12 lbs. of baby! Can't wait to hear about the birth. I know your mom, dad, John and his family are so excited as ALL the Bush family probably are! I'm sure we'll hear about it at church! I just couldn't wait to read a new post - having been checking every day.

  3. Sound like everything is going great. I will be thinking about you! Good Luck!!

  4. Hey girl! I understand your feelings about labor and delivery-we were actually able to deliver vaginally and it was amazing. We scheduled our induction date just like they would normally schedule a c section. we went in at 5 am and although at one point I had stalled out and they were considering a c section, it all worked out and at 7:08pm Brooklyn was born. I didnt even have to push. lol She was literally right there. Then 8 minutes later, I pushed once and Skylar was born. There's nothing wrong with a c sectiona nd any drs prefer it with twins, especially if it's your first pregnancy. I had Cameron and he weighed 8 lbs 13 and 1/2 oz so we knew the size of the twins wouldnt be an issue. I know no matter which manner of delivery you choose, it will be the most beautiful experience of your entire life and I can't wait to see pictures of the boys. Best of luck girl and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!