Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The boys 1st Halloween was great! We went to a party at our friends house and it was lots of fun. The boys fought sleep and stayed up partying with everyone until about 10:00. They soaked up all of the attention that they could and finally crashed. Blake and I dressed up like Johnny and June Carter Cash. We didn't look much like them, but it was an easy and comfortable costume. This was kind of our last horrah in Florida and we had such a fun time with our friends. We are going to miss everyone soooo much! Here are a few pictures from the night.

And this is Daniel. Since we are packing up the house we have boxes everywhere. I walked into the kitchen and I thought that he was crawling after me. I heard him in the dining room but I thought he was just hitting the boxes. When I went into the room he was standing on top of one box and trying to climb onto the next one. Sneaky little boys!


  1. Back to Alabama. North Alabama for the bit.
    You look super cute pregnant by the way.

  2. thanks:)

    I was hoping you would say... Hope Hull:)

    good luck with the look great too and the boys are adorable!