Friday, June 5, 2009

4 Months Old!

Daniel~4 months old

Dalton~4 months old

The boys went for their 4 month check up today. We started seeing a new Doctor who we love. The boys are completely healthy and growing and changing right before our eyes. Daniel weighed 14lb. 14oz. and he is 25.5" tall. Dalton is a little smaller, weighing 13lb. 8oz. and he is 25.25" tall. They also had to get shots today but just like last time, as soon as we picked them up they stopped crying and were good to go. I guess I have some tough little guys.

At 4 month well-baby visit

The last few months have been so fun for us. I am amazed everyday at how fast babies change. I never knew it could be so exciting! My Dr. said today that the 4 month age is his favorite age and that we should really stop and enjoy them now. And I plan on doing just that!

Dalton rolled over yesterday for the first time. Now he is a Roley poly! And since he is so mobile now he has found his feet and is trying to suck on those. I actually thought that Daniel would be the first to roll over because he seems to be stronger, but he is pretty content with laying on his back. Sometimes he gets frustrated and just lays there and grunts. It's kinda funny :) There are definite differences in their personalities already. We think that Dalton is going to be a little spit-fire, keeping us on our toes. And I think Daniel is going to be very thoughtful and laid back. Right now I have to say that he is the better baby. He is sleeping and eating well and generally has a great disposition (with moments of pure illness throw in there sometimes!) And then there is Dalton. He will drink his bottle and when he gets to the last ounce, he just wants to play and throw his head around and knock the bottle out of my hand. And at night he wakes up and cries until one of us gets up to put his pacifier back in. And usually he does all of this with a mischievous little grin on his face! And in turn you can't help but smile back. Those little dimpled faces just melt my heart. They love to talk and to be talked to. Dalton also started sucking his bottom lip this week which is really freakin cute. They are drooling everywhere and the Dr. said that Daniel will probably be cutting teeth soon. We were also able to put them in their Bumbo seats this week. I am really excited about that because Blake and I can eat dinner now! So, as you see they are doing lots of cool things and keeping Mommy and Daddy very entertained!

Dalton sucking on his lip

During the day we are at home. I have found that it is really hard for me to get out of the house with two babies so we just hang out here at the house. I have to pack the diaper bag, get them in the car seats (usually one is crying by now), put the dog up, get my stuff in the car, take one baby at a time to the car, lock the door to the house, and then get myself in the car. It's exhausting! Besides that, I have them on a really good schedule during the day and I have found that if that schedule gets messed up then I will have some really fussy babies on my hands. We do have fun during the day playing and I even get a pretty decent amount of time to myself when they take naps.

All in all, life is good! I would not change a thing. Blake and I have a lot of stress in our lives at the moment, but these boys put everything into perspective. They have changed our world and we are so incredibly lucky. And it just keeps getting better!!!!!

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  1. I love the invention of the Bumbo seat!!!! It was wonderful!