Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slideshow from our photo session

I am sure you all remember me talking about the newborn photo session that we did the week after the boys were born. Well, last night I finally got the slideshow that the photographer puts together for all of her clients. It is just so precious and brings me to tears watching it. The boys have changed so much in 4 short weeks. I am glad that we have these amazing pictures to remember just how tiny they were. (Although I think that they are going to hate me for them when they get older!) I will have pictures to embarrass them with in front of future girlfriends! ;) Anyway, the photographer did a fantastic job, so check it out! Enjoy!

username: Rutland
password: rr021009

p.s. make sure your speakers are turned on!!!


  1. Oh it was so good! Beautiful pictures and beautiful family! And what a sweet song!

  2. those pictures are great! so sweet!!! Your babies are precious and you look fabulous to be a sleep deprived mother of twins!

  3. Congrats Reagan! The boys are gorgeous. I know the sleep will be increasing for you soon!