Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Well Baby Visit

Going to the Pediatrician

Yesterday was the boys first trip to the pediatrician. It was also our first time taking them out of the house. I had to pack the diaper bag for the first time. I also had to have my day planned out to a T so that the boys would be well fed and happy when we got their. I also had to make sure that I had enough time to get ready myself which meant sporadically getting things done in between feedings. It's a good thing I am organized!
The pediatrician was great and the boys are just perfect. They are completely healthy and have gained weight since we brought them home. Which of course is a concern when you are breast feeding and not knowing if your baby is getting enough to eat.
Daniel weighs 6lbs 11oz and is 19 1/2" long.
Dalton is back up to his birth weight at 6lbs 8oz and 20" long.
I think the nurse measured one of them wrong because Daniel is definitely longer than Dalton. I also have a theory that Dalton weighs less because he poops ALL the time. He actually was the bigger of the two at birth. Now he seems kind of small next to his brother.
Blake and I are very thankful that they are doing so well. Most nights they are sleeping for 5 hours straight and giving us some peace. They are extremely well tempered babies.
Our next Pediatrician visit is in April.


  1. ooh, I'm tired just reading about it. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job. They sure are cute. And, don't worry, you won't ever know anything else except what it's like to have twins! ha!

  2. The boys are precious! Sounds like they have an uneventful (which is always great) ped visit. I'm taking notes on your experiences so don't refrain from telling the good, bad, and ugly ;)